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Windfall Orchard: Farmhouse Perry

Windfall Orchard: Farmhouse Perry

Basic Info

Perry: Farmhouse Perry

Cidery: Windfall Orchard

Origin: Cornwall, VT, USA

ABV: 9%

Label Description: “Windfall Orchard is a small 3-acre orchard that was planted over the past 100 years. We have about 200 mature trees that produce over 80 traditional and heirloom apple and pear varieties. We blend 12 varieties of our pears to make our Farmhouse Perry. It is made in the style of a traditional English Perry, using the wild yeast in the orchard for fermentation, and bottle conditioning to produce a crisp, dry, lightly effervescent, refreshing beverage. Enjoy!”

Tasting Notes

Color: Straw-yellow, cloudy

Aroma: Pear and earthy notes

Body: A touch above medium

Sweetness: Off-dry (very slight sweetness throughout but finishes dry)

Acidity: Low to medium (Ramsay found it to be leaning toward low; Julia toward medium)

Tannin: Low (slight drying of mouth at end of sip)

Carbonation: Little bit above medium

Flavor Profile:

Julia: Upon sipping the perry, there is some tingling on the tongue from carbonation. A tart lemon flavor with secondary notes of pear then comes through and is accompanied by acidity. As the sip continues, the pear, which has a very slight sweetness to it, gradually becomes more pronounced, reaching its peak right before the end of the sip. The tail end of the sip and aftertaste consist of a tart lemon flavor.

Ramsay: Farmhouse Perry immediately hits you with a pear flavor accompanied by some earthy notes. After that, I get a lip-tingling, tart lemon flavor that lasts for the remainder of the sip and well into the aftertaste. It has a lip-smacking dryness that you can’t help but notice.

Overall Thoughts and Rating


I don’t often come across perries here in the States, so when I stumbled upon Farmhouse Perry in a craft beer shop, I had to pick it up. And am I glad I did! This was a delicious perry that leaned on the drier side (my preferred end of the spectrum), and its notes of pear were memorable and quite tasty. If you happen to find this perry, be sure to pick up a bottle (or two...or three).

9 out of 10 apples

9 out of 10 apples


I tend to hold perries in high regard, as they are so uncommon here in the U.S. With a delicious blend of pear and lemon notes, Farmhouse Perry does not disappoint. It is another drink that is helping to bring me around to dry ciders and perries. Worthy of a pick up if you see it in the Vermont area.

8 out of 10 apples

8 out of 10 apples

Side Note

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