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Farnum Hill: Semi-Dry Cider

Farnum Hill: Semi-Dry Cider

Basic Info

Cider: Semi-Dry Cider

Cidery: Farnum Hill

Origin: Lebanon, NH, USA

ABV: 7.4%

Label Description: “Farnum Hill Semi-Dry Cider is barely off-dry, not a bit sweet, with rich fruit aromas and flavors, keen acidity, distinct tannic character and a cleansing, appetizing finish. It’s delicious at big or small moments and pairs well with many foods, brightening subtle, strong or spicy flavors.”

Tasting Notes

Color: Medium gold, clear

Aroma: Apple is primary, with slight secondary notes of yeast

Body: Between light and medium

Sweetness: Off-dry

Acidity: A touch above medium

Tannin: Medium to medium-high (Ramsay felt it was medium; Julia medium-high)

Carbonation: Between low and medium

Flavor Profile:

Julia: Upon sipping the cider, there is a slightly sweet apple flavor, which remains but gradually fades over the course of the sip. As the sip progresses, the acidity picks up, imparting tart lemon notes to the cider. Toward the end of the sip, some tannin becomes noticeable, bringing with it bitter notes and a drying of the tongue sensation. The acidity and tannin both peak at the end of the sip, giving the cider a crisp, dry finish. The acidity and tannin continue into the aftertaste, resulting in your tongue feeling dry well after the sip has finished.

Ramsay: This cider comes out of the gate with a somewhat sweet apple flavor. Then, that gives way to a more acidic lemon flavor that lasts for the rest of the sip. Combined with the higher than normal amount of tannin (compared to most ciders), you are left with a somewhat bitter taste in your mouth, as well as a drying sensation on your tongue. It leaves you wanting another sip asap.

Overall Thoughts and Rating


As someone who tends to prefer dry ciders, I really enjoyed Farnum Hill’s Semi-Dry Cider. I found it to be well balanced, with the slight sweetness upfront offset by the acidity and tannin in the latter half of the sip. Being that the cider was both relatively dry and light, it was very easy to drink. That said, I might not recommend this cider to someone who is completely new to the world of craft cider, for while I enjoy its tannic quality, it might be off-putting to someone who has not drank much cider or wine.

9 out of 10 apples

9 out of 10 apples


Overall, I thought Semi-Dry Cider was another good cider. It takes you on a small flavor trip from sweet apple to acidic lemon to bitter tannin. It became better tasting as I drank more sips (probably got used to the tannin and acidity). It would be a good pickup if you see it in a store.

8 out of 10 apples

8 out of 10 apples

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