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Stowe Cider: Tuned Up

Stowe Cider: Tuned Up

Basic Info

Cider: Tuned Up

Cidery: Stowe Cider

Origin: Stowe, VT, USA

ABV: 5.5%

Label Description: “Unfiltered hazy cider with cranberry and orange.”

Tasting Notes

Color: Blood orange, cloudy

Aroma: Orange and yeast are primary. Cranberry is secondary.

Body: Between light and medium

Sweetness: Off-dry

Acidity: Little bit above medium

Tannin: None

Carbonation: Touch below medium

Flavor Profile:

Julia: There is a slight bite upfront from the acidity. Notes of lemon are also perceptible upfront but quickly become secondary to an orange flavor. The orange is not overly sweet but rather is reminiscent of slightly tart orange juice. As the sip draws to a close, a tart cranberry flavor with secondary notes of lemon comes through, giving the cider a pleasant, lip-smacking finish. The cranberry continues into the aftertaste, where the acidity also peaks.

Ramsay: Upon sipping Tuned Up, the first flavor I get is orange. This slowly fades and gives way to tarter cranberry notes. That tart flavor, along with the citrus, stays with you well into the aftertaste and is accompanied by a little bit of lip tingling.

Overall Thoughts and Rating


Tuned Up is a nice, dry cider that was very easy to drink. The cranberry and orange made for a unique flavor profile, and the cider’s tart finish kept me coming back for more sips. Lastly, I imagine the cider’s acidity would make it pair nicely with some cheese (I think I might have to now go run to the store and pick up some brie).

8 out of 10 apples

8 out of 10 apples


Overall, I really enjoyed Tuned Up. I liked the citrus from the orange and the tart, off-dry finish, and those, coupled with the somewhat light body, make this an easy drink to enjoy. Another great addition to the seasonal ciders.

9 out of 10 apples

9 out of 10 apples

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