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Far from the Tree: Cellarman's Reserve - Maple Strong Cider

Far from the Tree: Cellarman's Reserve - Maple Strong Cider

Basic Info

Cider: Cellarman’s Reserve - Maple Strong Cider

Cidery: Far from the Tree

Origin: Salem, MA, USA

ABV: 10.6%

Label Description: “For the first release of our ongoing barrel aged series we present Maple Strong Cider. This bottle has been fermented with a generous addition of local Massachusetts maple syrup to increase the strength and flavor. Perfect as an after dinner drink. Aged in a bourbon barrel for 2 years and then bottled still and aged for another 6 months. This cider is ready to enjoy right now. Pair with cheese, figs, and good friends.”

Tasting Notes

Color: Yellow-gold, slightly cloudy

Aroma: Apple, yeast, and bourbon are primary. Maple syrup is secondary.

Body: A notch above light

Sweetness: Between dry and off dry (has a very subtle sweetness throughout the sip)

Acidity: Low (only noticeable at the end of the sip and in the aftertaste)

Tannin: Low

Carbonation: Still (no carbonation)

Flavor Profile:

Julia: This is a very smooth cider with no bite upfront. There is some slight bitterness upfront, which gives way to notes of apple and bourbon with subtle secondary notes of lemon. The bourbon flavor increases in intensity throughout the sip, reaching its climax at the end of the sip. Concurrently, the apple flavor decreases, and by the end of the sip, it is all but masked by the bourbon. The end of the sip also brings with it a touch of acidity and some tannin. The aftertaste consists of bourbon.

Ramsay: The flavor profile of Maple Strong is quite nuanced. First I am hit with a subtle apple flavor, which gives way to a very slight maple flavor. After that, I am hit with strong yet smooth bourbon notes, which linger in the aftertaste with a small trace of maple.

Overall Thoughts and Rating


Maple Strong is a delicious cider. The bourbon barrel aging imparts a smoothness, as well as tasty notes of bourbon, to the cider. The well-balanced quality and light body of the cider make it very easy to drink. I have no critiques.

10 out of 10 apples

10 out of 10 apples


Overall, Maple Strong is another good limited cider from Far from the Tree. It has some flavors that are pretty subtle for me, but I wouldn’t knock it for that. Here, I am intrigued by the subtle notes. Worth picking up if you see it at Far From the Tree.

8 out of 10 apples

8 out of 10 apples

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