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Artifact: Feels Like Home

Artifact: Feels Like Home

Basic Info

Cider: Feels Like Home

Cidery: Artifact

Origin: Everett, MA, USA

ABV: 5.4%

Label Description: “Feels Like Home is fermented on rum soaked oak chips and blended with fresh unfiltered juice.”

Tasting Notes

Color: Pale yellow-gold, cloudy

Aroma: Apple and earthy notes are primary. Oak is secondary.

Body: Between light and medium

Sweetness: A hair above semi-sweet

Acidity: Medium (starts off low and builds over course of sip)

Tannin: Low

Carbonation: Low

Flavor Profile:

Julia: There is a slight bite, as well as notes of lemon, upfront. A sweet apple flavor comes through shortly thereafter, replacing lemon as the primary flavor. Toward the end of the sip, notes of rum become perceptible. The cider has a tart finish, as the lemon flavor and acidity increase at the end of the sip. The lemon flavor continues into the aftertaste, where it is joined by the notes of rum and apple.

Ramsay: Feels Like Home starts off with slight notes of earthy apple and oak. Those give way to a more oaky flavor before finishing up with a lip-tingling tart lemon flavor. The oaky and citrus notes linger for a while in the aftertaste. The tart notes prevent the cider from tasting too sweet.

Overall Thoughts and Rating


Overall, Feels Like Home is a tasty, easy-to-drink cider. The acidity nicely balances out the sweetness, preventing the cider from ever tasting sickly sweet. The notes of rum at the end are a pleasant flavor addition. I wouldn’t be able to drink multiple glasses of this in a sitting like I might with drier ciders, but I would certainly drink this again.

8 out of 10 apples

8 out of 10 apples


Overall, Feels Like Home is another good winter-esque cider (yeah, I know it’s available year round). The oaky flavor gives it a nice sitting around a campfire type feeling. With a low amount of carbonation, it’s an easy cider to drink at home or out at a restaurant. I wouldn’t have multiple back to back, but I would definitely pick it up again.

8 out of 10 apples

8 out of 10 apples

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