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5 Most Memorable Ciders of 2018

5 Most Memorable Ciders of 2018

With 2018 drawing to a close, we have recently been looking back through all of our cider reviews that we have written since starting this blog in April. From lavender infused to habanero spiced to whiskey barrel aged, we have tried so many unique and delicious ciders, but after much discussion, we have narrowed down our favorite ciders to a list of five (well, almost). In addition to our list of the five most memorable ciders, we have both selected our personal favorite cider (we both had a cider that we loved that did not make the final cut but that we felt deserved recognition).

Before you continue on to the list, we want to take this moment to thank you for following along with us on our cider journey so far. We have enjoyed talking and meeting with others in the cider community, and we look forward to meeting more community members, as well as trying more ciders, in 2019!

5) The Vermonter from Shacksbury

This gin barrel-aged cider stood out to us for its smoothness and notes of honey, apple, and gin. The gin nicely balanced out the honey and apple flavors, resulting in the cider feeling off-dry.

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4) Whetstone Reserve Perry from Whetstone Ciderworks

This was the first perry that we ever tried, and it still remains one of our favorite perries. The slight sweetness of the pear is balanced out by lip-smacking (but not overpowering) acidity.

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3) Cellarman’s Reserve - Maple Strong Cider from Far from the Tree

Any cider with maple in its name immediately gets our attention. This cider retained our attention with its smoothness and delicious notes of bourbon, apple, and maple.

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2) The Grand Banks - Whiskey Barrel Aged from Stormalong

Another thing that immediately piques our interest is anything aged in whiskey barrels. This cider was aged in whiskey barrels for 10 months, which resulted in an incredibly smooth cider with buttery notes.

Our full review of Grand Banks is available here.


1) Kingston Black from Stormalong

Acidity, tannin, a touch of sweetness — this cider has it all. Made with 100% Kingston Black apples, this cider is perfectly balanced and a must-try for any cider enthusiast.

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Ramsay’s Personal Favorite:

Patch from Far from the Tree

Like other Far from the Tree ciders, the flavor combination for Patch at first seemed odd, but upon drinking this, I was immediately sold on the combination of strawberry and basil. Drinking this cider felt like biting into a strawberry, and the basil tasted like the fresh kind you pick up at a farmer’s market. This sweet but not too sweet cider has me wishing that it were summer again.

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Julia’s Personal Favorite:

High and Dry from Stowe Cider

High and Dry has become my go-to cider. With its dryness and light body, it never sits too heavy in my stomach, so I can easily pair it with meals or drink it on its own. If you love dry ciders, be sure to give this a try!

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Stowe Cider: Tuned Up

Stowe Cider: Tuned Up

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