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Embark: Dreamcicle, Field of Dreams

Embark: Dreamcicle, Field of Dreams

Basic Info

Cider: Dreamcicle, Field of Dreams

Cidery: Embark

Origin: Williamson, NY, USA

ABV: 5.0%

Label Description: “Fermented with milk sugar and blended with strawberries, blackberries, and white peaches.”

Tasting Notes

Color: Purple-red, cloudy

Aroma: Sweet blackberry and peach are primary; strawberry is secondary.

Body: Between medium and full

Sweetness: Between semi-sweet and sweet

Acidity: Between low and medium

Tannin: None

Carbonation: Between medium and high

Flavor Profile:

Julia: There is a slight bite, as well as some tingling on the tongue, upfront. Once those subside, notes of juicy, sweet peach accompanied by secondary notes of blackberry emerge. Strawberry comes through in the second half of the sip and overtakes the peach and blackberry to become the dominant flavor. As the sip draws to a close, the acidity starts to increase, which prevents the sweetness from running away and also gives the cider a tart finish. That tartness continues into the aftertaste, along with notes of strawberry, peach, and lemon.

Ramsay: When I drink Dreamcicle, the first thing that I notice is a very pronounced blackberry-peach flavor, with the peach being the stronger of the two. That quickly gives way to a smaller but still quite noticeable strawberry flavor. Toward the end of the sip, the acidity imparts a lemon flavor, which continues with the peach well into the aftertaste. It is that citrus flavor that prevents the cider from becoming too sweet.

Overall Thoughts and Rating


The strawberry, peach, and blackberry flavor combination of Dreamcicle was quite tasty, and its smell was even more satisfying. Initially, this cider tasted very sweet, but after several sips, it started to taste less sweet. Don’t get me wrong, it was still sweet, but it wasn’t as sweet as it came across on the first sip. One potential drawback of this cider is that it does sit rather heavy in your stomach, so you have to be careful not to drink it too quickly.

7 out of 10 apples

7 out of 10 apples


Overall, I liked the very fruity mixture that was Field of Dreams. I felt that as it went on, it became less sweet tasting but took on some heaviness. This is a cider that I wouldn’t have on a regular basis but rather as a once in a while type treat. It is also something that I would drink slowly over the course of an hour.

7 out of 10 apples

7 out of 10 apples

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