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Woodchuck: Belgian White

Woodchuck: Belgian White

This cider was received for free as a sample from the cidery. For more information on our sample policy, please click here.

Woodchuck has recently released Belgian White for a limited time under their Tank Series line of ciders. Belgian White, which is fermented with Belgian brewer yeast, was previously released under Woodchuck’s Private Reserve line.

So, what does it taste like? We were fortunate enough to receive a sample from Woodchuck and are sharing our tasting notes with you below!

Basic Info

Cider: Belgian White

Cidery: Woodchuck

Origin: Middlebury, VT, USA

ABV: 5.5%

Label Description: “Woodchuck has always been synonymous with innovation. Our cider makers honor this pioneering spirit with the Tank Series, a rotating selection of great tasting sessional ciders.”

Tasting Notes

Color: Amber-orange, cloudy

Aroma: Sweet orange

Body: Between light and medium

Sweetness: Off-sweet (just made up this term to describe something between semi-sweet and sweet)

Acidity: Low

Tannin: None

Carbonation: Low

Flavor Profile: A slight orange flavor comes through upfront and grows over the course of the sip. A little bit of acidity comes through at the end of the sip, preventing the cider from becoming too sweet. The aftertaste is orange with a hint of tartness.


Julia: This is an easy-to-drink cider, which with its notes of orange, would make for a lovely cider to enjoy on a hot summer day.

Ramsay: Belgian White is a solid cider that would be a decent go-to for someone new to the world of ciders.

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