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Champlain Orchards Cidery: Original

Champlain Orchards Cidery: Original

Basic Info about the Cider

Cider: Original

Cidery: Champlain Orchards Cidery

Origin: Shoreham, VT, USA

ABV: 5%

Color: Light gold

Our Review of the Cider

Julia's Thoughts and Rating:

The cider is dry up front, with some initial acidity and citrus flavors.  It mellows out quickly and finishes with a slightly sweet taste.  The cider is off-dry, leaning more toward the dry end of the spectrum, and it is very light bodied.  Overall, I found the cider to be well-balanced (not sickly sweet or bone dry), and it was very easy to drink.  This is the type of cider that you could easily drink more than one glass of in a sitting.

9 out of 10 apples

9 out of 10 apples

Ramsay's Thoughts and Rating:

  • Has a small bite to it up front, but it fades away quickly.

  • I tasted notes of honey and citrus throughout the sip.

  • About in the middle in terms of sweetness and dryness, but it leans a little toward the dry end.

  • The cider taste doesn’t linger too long after the sip.

  • Due to it being on the slightly dryer side and light-bodied, I think someone could have multiple cans and not get sick of the flavor.

  • For having one can of it, I would give it a 7 apple rating. It is a great cider, but I would prefer it to be slightly sweeter.

7 out of 10 apples

7 out of 10 apples

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