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Why a blog about hard cider?

When we think back on it, Cider Couple has been a long time coming.

For as long as we have been going to bars here in the States, we have consistently noticed one thing: if hard ciders are on the drink menu (which isn’t a given), there are often only one or two options from which to choose.  And oftentimes, the only ciders that a bar carries are from one of the cider powerhouses: Magners, Strongbow, Angry Orchard, or Woodchuck.  Compare that to beer, where you can generally find not only the established names but also an assortment of local, craft beers.  We couldn’t help but wonder why craft cider was not sharing in the spotlight with craft beer.

Although there are undoubtedly numerous reasons to explain craft cider’s relatively slow growth in popularity compared to craft beer, we hypothesized that one cause could be the lack of public discussion on craft ciders.  While there are countless blogs and documentaries devoted to reviewing craft beer, the same cannot be said for craft cider.  So, after drinking a glass of delicious, local cider one night, we thought to ourselves “Why don’t we start a blog about cider?”  

Our goal in creating this blog was to introduce you, our readers, to craft ciders that you might not have otherwise heard of and to provide reviews of these ciders that you could use as a reference when selecting a cider at a restaurant or liquor store (no more blindly buying a cider and hoping for the best).  We also wanted to make sure that our reviews were short and easy to understand: just enough detail that you could get a good feel for a cider but not so much detail that you would start to zone out.  Lastly, we wanted to provide you with both of our opinions, rather than just an aggregate, for every cider.  We have slightly different preferences when it comes to cider (Julia prefers ciders on the drier side, while Ramsay likes his ciders to have some sweetness to them), and by reading both of our reviews, you can get a more complete picture of a cider’s tasting profile.  You might even come to rely on one of our reviews more than the other's -- perhaps Ramsay’s reviews will jive with you more than Julia’s or vice versa (we won’t be offended in either case!).

Ultimately, we hope that you will find our blog useful and use it as a cider resource.  If you want to keep up to date with our reviews, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter (sign-up form is in the sidebar) and/or follow us on our social media accounts (Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram).

Happy cider-ing!

Ramsay & Julia

Champlain Orchards Cidery: Original

Champlain Orchards Cidery: Original