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Stormalong: Legendary Dry

Stormalong: Legendary Dry

This cider was received for free as a sample from the cidery. For more information on our sample policy, please click here.

Basic Info

Cider: Legendary Dry

Cidery: Stormalong

Origin: Sherborn, MA, USA

ABV: 6.5%

Label Description: “In homage to Captain Alfred Bulltop Stormalong, known by New England legend as the greatest deepwater sailor of all time, our flagship cider is named “Legendary Dry.” This cider is crisp and refined with a “champagne-like” character. It is fermented with a unique blend of tannic bittersweet cider apples alongside heritage varieties which add acidity and dense fruitiness. These apples are rare in the United States with curious names like: Ashmead’s Kernel, Chisel Jersey, Dabinett, and Esopus Spitzenburg. Legendary Dry is mellowed with age and malolactic fermentation which yields a hint of oak and distinctive finish.”

Tasting Notes

Color: Medium gold, clear

Aroma: Tart apple is primary; oak is secondary.

Body: Light

Sweetness: A touch above off-dry

Acidity: A touch above medium

Tannin: Medium

Carbonation: Low

Flavor Profile:

Julia: Upon drinking the cider, there is a slight tingling on the tongue. Once that subsides, a bittersweet apple flavor comes through; that is to say, the apple flavor possesses both sweet and bitter characteristics. Secondary to the bittersweet apple are notes of lemon accompanied by acidity. As the sip draws to a close, the lemon overtakes the apple, and a new flavor, oak, comes through and becomes equal in strength to the lemon. Both the acidity and tannin also increase at the end. The rise in tannin is marked by a bitter taste and a drying of the mouth sensation. In the aftertaste, the acidity reaches its peak, and the dominant flavor is a tart, bitter lemon.

Ramsay: When I sip Legendary Dry, the very first thing I notice is a nuanced blend of bittersweet apples. That then gives way somewhat to a slightly oaky flavor. After that, the rest of the sip consists of a pronounced lemon flavor with some bitter notes. That bitterness, along with a little of the apple flavor, continues for a while in the aftertaste.

Overall Thoughts and Rating


Legendary Dry is another excellent cider from Stormalong. It is tannic, acidic, fairly dry, and has a complex flavor profile – what more can you want out of a cider? Further, it is nicely balanced, with the subtle sweetness present throughout helping to counterbalance the tannin and acidity. The oaky notes that come through at the end give the cider a warm finish. If you enjoy dry ciders, you’ll love this!

9 out of 10 apples

9 out of 10 apples


Overall, I think this cider is worthy of its name. Most dry ciders tend to have a complex flavor profile, and Legendary Dry is no exception. I liked taking sip after sip to try and parse out all of the interesting flavors. This is a great cider to have paired with a meal on a nice spring or summer day, but it also stands well on its own.

9 out of 10 apples

9 out of 10 apples

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