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Far from the Tree: Cord

Far from the Tree: Cord

Basic Info

Cider: Cord

Cidery: Far from the Tree

Origin: Salem, MA, USA

ABV: 6.7%

Label Description: “Cord is three trees in a can. Apples, the fruit of a tree to create a cider fermented to crisp dryness. Oak, the trunk of a tree, to age the cider imparting additional complexity and depth. Maple syrup, the sap of a tree, to add some sweetness to balance the dryness of the cider and round out the oak. We’re pretty big fans of these trees and all trees in general.”

Tasting Notes

Color: Medium gold, cloudy

Aroma: Oak is primary; maple syrup is secondary.

Body: Medium

Sweetness: A touch above semi-sweet

Acidity: Low

Tannin: None

Carbonation: Medium

Flavor Profile:

Julia: There is a sweet apple and maple flavor upfront, which remains the dominant flavor for the first half of the sip. Around the halfway point, some acidity starts to become noticeable, but it remains relatively low. It is also at this time that notes of oak start to come through, eventually overtaking the apple to become the maple’s companion flavor. That combination of maple and oak is the dominant flavor for the remainder of the sip, as well as into the aftertaste.

Ramsay: Upon drinking Cord, I am immediately hit with a distinct sweet apple and maple flavor, followed very closely by an almost equally potent oak flavor. This flavor combination remains quite strong, increasing in intensity over the remainder of the sip, with a hint of lemon coming through toward the end of the sip. The maple and oak linger for a while in the aftertaste.

Overall Thoughts and Rating


As a New Englander, I love maple syrup and any maple products. Maple ice cream, maple lattes, maple sugar candies, maple milkshakes – I love them all. So, when I heard about Far from the Tree’s seasonal maple cider, Cord, I knew that I had to get my hands on some. Unlike other maple ciders that I’ve had in the past where the maple is a subtle flavor, the maple in Cord is front and center. Not only that, but it is a true, not artificial, maple syrup flavor. The slight acidity in Cord prevents the cider from ever tasting sickly sweet, and with each successive sip you take, the cider tastes less sweet. If you’re a fellow maple lover, do yourself a favor and track down a can of this. If you aren’t a big fan of maple syrup, then this probably isn’t the cider for you.

9 out of 10 apples

9 out of 10 apples


Having grown up in New England, I will never not like maple flavored things, and Cord is no exception. I have had other ciders that incorporate maple syrup, but I could really taste it in here. If you live in New England or are a maple fan, you owe it to yourself to try Cord.

9 out of 10 apples

9 out of 10 apples

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