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Champlain Orchards Cidery: Estate Series - Murray Hill

Champlain Orchards Cidery: Estate Series - Murray Hill

Basic Info

Cider: Estate Series - Murray Hill

Cidery: Champlain Orchards Cidery

Origin: Shoreham, VT, USA

ABV: 6.5%

Label Description: “Crafted with Vermont grown apples and grapes at our orchard cidery. Champlain Orchards is a family owned and ecologically managed orchard overlooking Lake Champlain in Shoreham, Vermont. Every bottle in our Estate Series is named after its unique origin, tracing the cider back to its deep Vermont roots. Murray Hill is home to the vineyard where we carefully cultivate six varieties of cold-hardy grapes, which are pressed, blended, and fermented with Vermont apples at our orchard in Shoreham.”

Tasting Notes

Color: Wine red, clear

Aroma: Sweet grape is primary; a subtle apple flavor is secondary

Body: Between light and medium

Sweetness: Semi-sweet

Acidity: Between low and medium

Tannin: Relatively low

Carbonation: Low

Flavor Profile:

Julia: Upon drinking the cider, there is an ever-so-slight tingling sensation on the tongue from the carbonation. Shortly thereafter, a sweet grape flavor with a hint of tartness comes through, and that remains the dominant flavor for the remainder of the sip. As the sip draws to a close, some acidity becomes noticeable, as does some very slight bitterness. The aftertaste consists of grape with a hint of citrus.

Ramsay: When I first took a drink of Murray Hill, I immediately noticed a grape flavor akin to wine, albeit sweeter and lighter. That flavor lingered but gave way somewhat to a tart apple flavor. As the sip came to an end, a lemon flavor, as well as a slightly bitter taste, came through. That bitter taste continued into the aftertaste along with the grape flavor.

Overall Thoughts and Rating


Overall, I quite enjoyed this cider and liked its unique grape flavor. It had just enough sweetness and acidity to result in a pleasant, semi-sweet profile. Due to its fairly light body and semi-sweet character, this would be a great introductory cider for someone new to the world of craft cider. That said, I might not have multiple glasses back to back, as it does become slightly sweeter tasting with each successive sip.

7 out of 10 apples

7 out of 10 apples


Overall, I enjoyed Murray Hill. I liked the infusion of grape into the cider; it gave the cider a pleasant, wine-esque quality and sweet flavor. Some sips were sweeter than others, but I would still pick this up again if I saw it in stores.

8 out of 10 apples

8 out of 10 apples

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