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Stowe Cider: Brain Waves - Lavender Cyser

Stowe Cider: Brain Waves - Lavender Cyser

Basic Info

Cider: Brain Waves, Lavender Cyser

Cidery: Stowe Cider

Origin: Stowe, VT, USA

ABV: 6.7%

Label Description: “A cider and honey co-fermentation infused with lavender and a touch of honey. For best results, enjoy this cider in the spirit of Vermont – cold and in good company.”

Tasting Notes

Color: Pale yellow, cloudy

Aroma: Lavender is primary; honey is secondary.

Body: Light

Sweetness: Off-dry

Acidity: A touch above medium

Tannin: None

Carbonation: Between low and medium

Flavor Profile: Lavender and lemon are the dominant flavors throughout the sip. A subtle honey taste is also noticeable throughout, becoming more prominent at the end of the sip. The aftertaste is a mix of lavender and lemon.

Overall Thoughts and Rating


Fairly dry, acidic, light, and a delicious flavor profile: this cider checks all the boxes for me. Perhaps what is most impressive about this cider is that it has the perfect amount of lavender, which is one of those flavors that can easily be overdone. The addition of honey was also well thought out; it adds a subtle and complementary sweetness to the lavender. This cider could either be drank on its own or paired with food. The only drawback to this cider is that it’s a limited release.

10 out of 10 apples

10 out of 10 apples


Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed Lavender Cyser. The lavender and honey were done in perfect amounts, with each complementing the other. Combined with the dryness and citrus, you can really appreciate these flavor notes. This is worth making a trip to get if you are near Stowe.

10 out of 10 apples

10 out of 10 apples

Embark: The Crab Series, Vol. 1

Embark: The Crab Series, Vol. 1